Steel Art Company is greener than ever before. While continuously protecting and preserving our environment for future generations, we manufacture the highest quality architectural signage in the industry. We are committed to following responsible environmental practices with as minimal impact on our natural resources as possible.

We use only safe, environmentally sound manufacturing practices and we adhere to a company-wide recycling program. All scrap metals, acrylics, polycarbonates, water jet garnet, paper, cardboard, and material pallets/skids are recycled. 

Laser and paint exhausts are multi-filtered and/or carbon treated before venting to the atmosphere. All of our manufacturing processes run on a closed loop systems eliminating process waste water discharge.

We finish our signs in four state of the art paint booths, equipped with high-tech ventilation systems. We use paints and powder coats with ultra low levels of VOCs and no waste.

We designed our new facility with the highest efficiency standards available. We have a white roof, decreasing our energy consumption in the summer months. The entire building uses high efficiency motion activated lighting.