Edgelit™ Design 108

The cutting edge of illuminated signage! Proudly presenting our newest product, Edgelit™. These eye catching illuminated letters are perfect for dramatic retail or corporate signage. Originally developed for high-end retail signage, these look amazing in just about any setting, both interior and exterior. There is something for everyone, with 15 design variations to choose from. All architectural metals and finishes are available. Illumination is offered in white and dozens of translucent PMS colors. Rounded and Prismatic faces can also be added!

Design 108 features an internally illuminated stencil-cut fabricated architectural letter with a flush acrylic face and back lit through a rear lens.  Push-thru acrylic face can have a pyramid round or block style shape. 

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Edgelit™ is available from 4” to 48” in height and from 2” to 6” in depth

  • UL Listed: In compliance with UL 48 Standards

  • SLOAN and GE LED systems in stock with manufacturer’s 5 year warranty. Other brands are available, ask your project manager.

  • Voltage: 12V Output, Amperage: 5 Amp Output,  Class II  UL Listed

  • Junction Boxes/Power Supply dimensions: 10″ x 2″ x 5″

  • Input: 115 volt standard, 1 Amp,  277 volt available



A-1 Polybacks w/ Threaded Studs

Clear polycarbonate back with threaded studs for flush mount

T-1 Double sided tape

Double sided tape (several brands available)

Additional Product Information

Download this product sheet for your reference. 

pdf_icon  Edgelit and Acrylit product sheet (PDF)