Bronze is a stunning choice. Like all copper alloys, bronze has little resistance to environmental corrosion and will acquire a patina overtime if not properly protected. The most typical finishes are mirror polish, satin, and shades of oxidization. Several forms of patina are available, all achieved by hand at Steel Art. Protection from wear is offered through a variety of protective coatings suitable for either interior and exterior applications. Clear coats are available in matte, semi-gloss, gloss, or high gloss sheen levels. Discuss these options with your project manager. 



  • Solid dimensional bronze letters are available as thin as .063″ to as thick as 1″ and up to 60″ high
  • Maximum height for any material in a mirror polish finish 24″
  • Material is cleaned through vapor degreasing to remove any dust and/or residue. 
  • Unused material waste is recycled.
  • Wash water is de-ionized and re-circulated.

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FCO-1 Threaded studs

Threaded studs for flush mount

FCO-2 Stud Projected

Threaded studs projected with spacers

T-3 Tape w/ threaded studs

Double sided tape w/ threaded studs for flush mount

T-4 Tape w/ holes for adhesive

Voids cut in tape to allow for silicon adhesive


Solid Dimensional letters made by Steel Art are a cut above. We have been cutting with high technology abrasive water jet systems for almost 30 years, and Laser cutting systems for 10 years, as one of the first in the industry to use such technology. Our cutting systems are operated by highly experienced technicians and engineers, bringing you the best possible quality available. From the most basic plate letter to the most intricate, multi-layered assembly piece, Steel Art is committed to meeting your company’s needs.

Our Solid Dimensional letters are available in Stainless Steel (types 304 and 316), Aluminum 5052, Copper 110 95/5, Brass 280 60/40 , Yellow Brass 260 70/30, Bronze 220 90/10, HR Steel A36 and Corten. We offer endless finish variations: satin 100 grit or 200 grit, Satinbrite™, mirror polish, CrystalMatte™, Oxidized light, medium, dark or matched to sample, acrylic polyurethane painted, protective clear coat, powder coated and oven cured, plus numerous proprietary mechanical finishes. Ask you project manager for finish chips and we will gladly provide them.

Our edge quality is unsurpassed, typically abrasive blasted to a fine matte texture. Please view our product photography library for ideas and capabilities. Several mounting styles are available to meet your unique installation needs. All jobs are delivered with requested hardware and a marked mounting template. All the tools to achieve a smooth installation are provided.