Our Promise

As the premier supplier to the architectural sign industry, Steel Art Company offers a diverse array of cutting-edge finished products exclusively to sign professionals. Our desire to provide customers with unsurpassed quality instills in us the commitment to continuously improve our manufacturing methods. For over six decades, Steel Art Company has been perfecting sign products, exceeding customer expectations, and leading innovation. We are comprised of craftsmen, designers, project managers, product developers, and industry leaders — all dedicated to serving you. From the simplest solid plate letter to the most complex mixed-media illuminated project, count on Steel Art Company to deliver the very best. Contact us to experience how Steel Art can make your sign company more profitable. We look forward to meeting our promise of exceeding your expectations.

Statement of Non-Compete:

Steel Art Company sells all products strictly to the trade for re-sale. Steel Art Company will never compete with our customers for business from end users. Steel Art Company expects and honors complete transparency both from our competitors as well as our customers. We hold our customers to the same high standard we hold ourselves. We sell strictly to the trade, no exceptions.

We actively vet new customers and often turn aside work from end users posing as sign professionals. Steel Art Company is well known for referring work to our customers whenever contacted by non-sign professionals. As a sign professional working with Steel Art Company, you will NEVER see: 1. Any phony websites selling direct to prospective customers; 2. Any Steel Art-owned companies selling direct; 3. Any sales agents misinterpreting their sources and selling direct; or 4. Any trade show presence, mailings, or other advertisements intended to appeal to anyone other than sign professionals.